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Co-creating Journeys | Crafting Experiences
We are a design consultancy, which believes in working with our clients to co-design and create bespoke solutions. Here at Monocoque, we co-create journeys and craft experiences for our clients. We believe in laying the foundation stones to build your business upon, block by block, it all starts with getting that very first block in the right place, with the right shape. It all starts with a conversation, as design itself is a conversation. Drop you a note and let's start talking.
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Frame 316
Creative Storyteller for Digital Media
We run a digital content production company for branding, marketing & training. We help clients get the exposure that will convert to sales. Through videos, design, social media content, website and landing pages. We help them from messaging design to content production and distribution. Our goal is to set up long-term engagement between clients and their target customers. Our passion is creating story-centric content for our clients. www.frame316.com
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Brew Creative Pte Ltd
Business Savvy Design
Brew Creative has been preventing (and curing) branding and marketing hangovers through business savvy design: Visual branding – logo/namecard/letterhead design Print design – brochures/banners/packaging etc Web design and development Email marketing & EDM design Bespoke customer relationship gifts And much more Since 2009, we've helped SMEs from a wide range of industries to strengthen their brand, and to find solutions through design.
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Vsionary Design
I CREATE design that WORKS
GRAPHIC DESIGNER | BRANDING SPECIALIST | PROBLEM SOLVER 15 years of freelance graphic design experience: - logo - poster - brochure - flyer - event visuals - greeting cards - digital imaging - photomanipulation .... and others! Education: Diploma in Multimedia Technology (2005) Bachelor of Commerce in Business Management (2011)
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Light up your business
SIGNSTAR focuses on the design and creation of advertising process and display props, production management and contract production. Provide a one-stop advertising process for designers and contractors and a customized solution to display props. If you have any details, please contact us.
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